Summer’s Coming… Keeping the Faith.

A guest post from a good friend that I couldn’t help but be excited to share as the calendar turns quickly toward summer:

Keeping the Faith, while on Vacation!

Schools out and so families everywhere are working on their vacations, from short – drives to a state park, flying to Disney, or spending every weekend at the lake. As Christian parents we struggle finding a way to enjoy the beauty of summer, especially after a grueling winter, and helping to teach our children the importance of faith, even while on ‘vacation.’

Some ideas (adapted from a post on UMCOM) include:

  1. Finding specific daily devotional to do as a family. Some ideas such as The Upper Room Daily Devotional Guide (Here) or taking your children’s Bible along to talk about specific stories. Sometimes, your church may send a specific devotion or Bible reading plan.
  2. Wherever you happen to be on Sunday, go to church. Most vacation communities are used to extra visitors in the summer. Either scout one out as you drive around, or use Find-A-Church (here), a useful tool for finding a United Methodist Church to worship in.
  3. God Sightings – While driving, or moving about in nature, ask your children, where you found God today. If it’s something that connects with the church, post it on their Facebook page or email the Pastor to send out in the newsletter. Stay connected, even if you miss worship.
  4. Take a family picture wherever you are, and post it to your church Facebook page, or send it to whoever sends out the newsletters. Say #hello from vacation!