In the Midst… of Tiny Things

When you choose Mustard for your hotdog instead of ketchup, you are an adult. When you are more proud of a weekend spent accomplishing stuff off your check-list than proud of a weekend of grand adventures, you are an adult. If you get really excited about buying large appliances or renovations to your house, you are an adult. But where does it go? Where does being a child go when the adult grows out of it?

It’s natural that we grow and change but often I miss that child-like wonder of the world that use to fascinate me at every turn. Sure, I still experience it in the big moments, but I’ve lost track of the little moments. Those are often the moments that we take for granted. Those tiny things that would change our perspective, change our worlds, open our eyes and bring joy inside: a flower, a bird, lightening, a bike, fresh air, clean scents.


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